Like Blood From a Stone

The song “like blood from a stone” by Old Gray is Genius. If you haven’t heard the song, I recommend listening to it before reading this blog post. It’s corny at the beginning, but I think it’s corny on purpose. You can listen to it on YouTube here.

I really like this song. The song just follows the writer as they go through a major and pivotal part in their life, in the form of a poem, and we watch them get more mature over time. In the beginning they are young. What they write about, and how they write, is immature. Eventually they’re put in a hospital (the major and pivotal part of their life), and both the writing style of the poem, and the writer in the poem, get more mature at the same time. This is why I think this song is genius. Literally the writing style of the poem gets more mature with the main character in the poem. That’s why it’s kind of corny, only in the beginning, because the writer in the beginning is immature at that time in their story, and that’s them writing at the time.

I also love this song because it’s art about art (which I’ll probably make another blog post about other examples of art about art eventually). The main character uses art in the beginning to write about whatever immature frustrations they have at the time. Then in the end, when they’re more mature, they’ve truly refined their “tools” as they say, and they then can use their art to deal with depression and anxiety more directly and efficiently.

Thank you for reading.