I actually have yet to finish a real game, I’ve only finished one Roblox game. But I promise this page will be filled out more this year!

This list includes projects that were never finished, AKA “scrapped”. If a scrapped game in this list sounds interesting to you, and you want to make it, feel free! Because I probably won’t be coming back to any scrapped ideas in this list anyway.


Pendulum (scrapped)

This is another game that got decently far into development, but never actually finished. It was going to basically be SUPER FLAIL except you use your mouse to control the player instead of the keyboard, and money would drop from enemies that you could use to upgrade your flail. The game is somewhat playable, and you can see and download the source code for it on Github here (made in Godot!).


Aimbot Tycoon (Roblox)

A Roblox game where you have to click targets to get money, to buy upgrades for your base. My friend KomradeKat and I did building, and I did programming. Play it here!


Wunder (scrapped)

This game never got finished. It was going to be a non-stop bullet hell that would cycle through enemies every 20 seconds, made with my friend KomradeKat. You can see it’s website here, and listen to it’s soundtrack here, and see it’s source code here (made in Godot!).