Just a massive list of sites that I like, no particular order. Contains other site resources / directories, fun websites to play around in, archival sites, literature, tools, sites that I simply think look clean, and artists’ sites that I like.

I’d like to note, click around here at your own risk. I’m pretty sure (as of making this list, 2024.02.02) all these links are safe. But I’m not going to put too much effort into maintaining this list at all, to be honest. Still will add to it every time I find something cool though.

Newest things added to the top of their respective categories.

Other Site Resources / Directories

1MB Club Websites under 1MB
512KB Club Websites under 512KB.
250KB Club Websites under 250KB.
Obby Dog Resources Categorized list of websites (Inspired this page <3).
Unapothecary Categorized list of all kinds of websites.
Free For All Links Categorized list of websites that anyone can add to. Mostly emulation and ROM stuff.
OSINT Framework Links to open source intelligence software.
Annie’s Resources Applications and sample packs made by annieversary + other random cool resources.
Useless Web Not a list of sites like the other links in this category. Click a button and it will take you to a random website.


Craigslist Best Of The best of Craigslist.
3D Gif Maker Put in an image and it will make it a gif.
Cool Text Choose the font you want, type whatever you want.
In Bb Collection of videos in Bb.
Jstris Good simple and customizable multiplayer/singleplayer in-browwser tetris. You can make private rooms and invite friends.
Jason Davies Bunch of interactable visualizations by Jason Davies. Mostly map stuff. Specifically his map projection transitions are cool.
Noclip Noclip around mostly Nintendo game maps.
Oscilloscope Graphics Editor Draw a shape on an oscilloscope and see how it sounds.
Tane Fun random old game/animations.
xkcd Thousands of comics made by Randall Munroe.


88x31 Gif Collection Collection of thousands of 88x31 buttons.
Free Cursors So. many. cursors.
Game UI Database Screenshots of Game UIs/title screens.
CSGO Stash CSGO skins and listings.
GifCities Animated GIF search engine.
Knob Gallery Gallery of various knobs.
Library Genesis Book downloads.
Tenshiikisu Pixel Backgrounds Bunch of random pixel art backgrounds.
Sprite Database Video game sprite archive.
Spriters Resource Another video game sprite archive.
Sounds Resource Video game audio archive.
Vimm Since 1997, every ROM and manual you could ever want, for free, no ads.
Undertale Sample List List of all samples used in each track of the Undertale OST.


Europlop Music review site ran by Tom Scott and Tim Jeffries ran between 2010-2020. Now just an archive.
Gwern Extensive articles by Gwern Branwen about AI, psychology, and statistics. Also reviews of anime, books, movies, etc. I recommend thier article about spaced repetition learning, but I’d be suprised if you can’t find at least one article you like here.
H.P. Lovecraft Discography All texts by H.P. Lovecraft.
Toby Fox’s Secret Base English Translations English translations of Toby Fox’s Monthly Famitsu Column, translated by chart.
Unusual Wiki Articles Unusual wikis.


Open Texture Library? Growing collection of free to use textures licensed under the ‘Do What The Fuck You Want To’ Public License. Supposedly going to allow anyone to submit to it at some point.
Seamless Soundcloud Banner Generate a seamless Soundcloud banner+avatar based on one given image.
Unix Time Stamp Generate unix timestamps based on a given date and time.
Radio Garden Listen to radios around the globe.
Shoutcast Choose which genre of radio you want.
Wide-band WebSDR Radio, but mostly random noises and tones.
SAM2600 The SAM2600 TTS.
Tiktok TTS Various Tiktok TTSs.
TTS MP3 Various Classic TTSs.
Fast Hub Various Classic TTSs.
Best Free Plugins Free VST plugins.
FreeSound Various audios for download.
Heckscaper Resources Samples and stems from Halley Labs.
Theory Tab Find the chords used in a song. Random sets of color palletes.
Poline Color pallete generator.
Color Calculator Color pallete generator.
Paletton Color pallete generator.
HTML Colors From Image Get the hex code color from an image.
Cool Fancy Text Generator Fancy text generator.
Fancy Text Generator Another fancy text generator.
Cool Letters Steam Group An extensive list of cool unicode characters.
Invisible List of all invisible unicode characters.
Stemmy Download and upload music stems for free.
File Garden File storage. Any file type allowed, forever for free, login required.
Catbox File storage. Permanent download link. 200MB max upload size.
Litterbox Like catbox, but temporary. Choose how long you want your file to be stored. 1GB max upload size.
BitFontMaker2 For making bitmap fonts, in the browser! Also has a gallery of other downloadable fonts here.
Brodier Make “9-patch” borders for your websites.
HTML Rainbow Text Generator Make rainbow fonts for your website.
View DNS View all sorts of info about a DNS.
Down Detector Check if a website or service is down.
File Garden Image Corruptor Image corruptor. Very fast.
Pixel Circle Generator Generates Pixel circles/ovals.
Can I Use Checks browser support for html and CSS tags (and various things).
Chit Chat Seperates spam from real chat messages in Twitch chat.
Defkey Search for a program and get all shortcuts for that program.
Random Two-Syllable Word Generator Random two syllable word generator.
Patternico Seamless repeating background pattern maker.
Speed Test Test your internet speed.
Tagger Generates a timestamped tracklist. Useful for YouTube music uploads of full albums.
Tap for Beats Per Minute Tap for beats per minute.
Official U.S. Time What time is it everywhere in the US.
Tiny PNG Make your image file size smaller without losing quality.
Vocal Remover Free and very powerful vocal and stem remover.
Virus Total Scan files, IPs, and URLs for viruses.
Image Scrubber Removes metadata from images and lets you do slight editing to the image.
Foto Forensics Lets you run a multitude of tests on an image.


もの久保 Digital fantasy horror.
Alberto Ortega Slightly unnerving isometric paintings of neighborhoods.
Banksy Clever, mostly stencil graffiti that often uses it’s environment in interesting ways.
Bees & Bombs Clean graphic design animations.
Benjamin Warnitz 2D catoony storyboard and animator.
Ching Yeh Digital, highly detailed and grotesque, but sometimes funny.
Greg Simkins Psychadelic and eclectic collages of animals and objects.
ヤマーーダ/グレゴリウス山田 Digital anime-style isometric scenes.
Hamster Fragment Monochromatic pixel art scenes of a girl who tries to kill herself in creative ways. SFW imo, despite not sounding like it.
Henry Wong High saturation, flat shaded, but detailed, concept art of landscapes and pretty scenes.
Ignacio Bazan-Lazcano Illustrator and concept artist who paints robots, fantastical creatures, and futuristic warzones.
Moebius Infinitely inspirational and creative digital artist who paints visually striking fantasy and sci-fi scenes.
Lagrange9 Grand detailed concept art of landscapes and characters.
Matt Adrian Beautiful paintings of mostly birds, with odd titles like “I’ll Concede Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daily Bowel Evacuation Regimen Is Alluring-Even Inspiring-I Just Don’t Consider It Appropriate Dinner Conversation”.
Paul Chadeisson Massive scenes of space, spaceships, and technology.
Seb McKinnon Creative medieval fantasy paintings.
Odeith Anamorphic 3D realism muralist and graffiti artist.
Simon Stålenhag Realistic kitchen sink sci-fi worlds in everyday life. Probably my favorite artist, along with Kristoffer Zetterstrand.
Trevor Henderson Grotesque rotting horror. Creator of siren head.
Woon Cartoonist and concept artist. Makes a lot of cute character designs. Witches, dinosaurs, cats.
Jakub Rozalski Painted scenes of snowy warzones, giant monsters and robots, and santa.
Johnson Tsang Realistic ceramic models of stretchy, malformed, or merged faces.
Zetterstrand Paintings of noclipped video game scenes and classical paintings combined with current day pop culture or tropes. You’ve probably seen their art in Minecraft, they made the paintings!
Teikoku Shônen Highly detailed sci-fi cityscapes.
Yun Ling High contrast concept art of a girl with a bow and arrow in a beautiful post-apocalyptic(?) landscape.
Guy Billout Incredibly creative, weird, and (for some reason) calming illustrations.
Rinotuna One of the most talented anime character designers, minus the fact that every girl they draw is insanely snatched and every guy they draw is insanely ripped.
Mcbess [NSFW] Artist who makes monochromatic rubber hose drawings and animations.
Zdzislaw Beksinski [NSFW] Imagine hell and you get paintings by Beksinski. Paintings of either grand atmospheric barren landscapes drenched in red, or horribly malformed creatures, or both.
Oleg Vdovenko [NSFW] Detailed grotesque 3D animations and images of often mangled zombies, bodies, and creatures.

Visually Clean

Ciacco Davide
Brutal Moose
John Smith Films
Koi Red
Nezu World
Virtuoso Neomedia
Kaizo Slumber